Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4th Art History Carnival

Welcome to the October 1, 2008 edition of art history carnival.

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Jason presents 1599: Beatrice Cenci and her family, for parricide posted at Executed Today, saying, "The reciprocal social construction between a family tragedy, a Romantic legend, and a (misattributed) painting."

Stephen's blog, A World Away, examines illustrated books. I really enjoyed a recent post he did on Lynd Ward's 1929 Graphic Novel, God's Man. I really enjoyed looking at the illustrations. They're quite striking and very reminiscent of the advertising art from the period.
Photobucket Lynd Ward

As you may or may not have noticed, my new job is certainly keeping me on my toes! I've been neglecting my little blogging paradise quite badly (for those of you who've asked, I've been working as a Legal Assistant--an interesting job, but a very fast-paced one). Nevertheless, while I've been neglecting my own blog, there have been lots of others who've been much more faithful than I! One of these is Sheramy, from Van Gogh's Chair. Sheramy, who is a Van Gogh scholar (I guess that doesn't exactly come as a surprise, now does it? She did a much better job of naming her blog than I did! Keywords, keywords), has been busy blogging away over the last few weeks. I particularly enjoyed her recent post on Van Gogh's "Other" Starry Night, "The Starry Night Over the Rhone."
Van Gogh Starry Night Isn't it lovely?

Bob Aho created a lovely post that examines the Cathedral of Modena posted at Passing Gaz, it's a great article filled with photographs of the Cathedral and its fascinating relief sculptures. A must see/read!

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boba said...

Thank you for the comments and for hosting the carnival.
As I learned (and subsequently forgot) during my time in the USAF - never volunteer. As such if you want me to host the next version, I may have the time. I only post once or twice a week because I'm in thesis writing (and dying from the critiques) mode. Nevertheless, I try to read other people prose and take time to appreciate their favorite art. (I like the Art Blog by Bob and need to comment over there so he knows someone else is reading it!)
Good luck in the new job. One of my friends is a lawyer in private practice (she is also a mid-career changer) and things are "interesting." Much like the security sector, they are not appreciated until needed.

Melanie said...

Hi Margaret, it's always hard to juggle things when you're learning a new job. Good luck with it. It must be a big change from history.

Margaret said...

--Bob, thank you for offering to host the carnival! That would be great! Having just finished my thesis, I know how busy that time can be, but you definitely have to take breaks now and then!

--Thanks, Melanie! Yes, my new job is quite a change from being a history student, though I hope I'll get a chance to use my research skills! I'll try to stop by your blog soon!

willow said...

Kudos on the new job, Margaret! I'm leaving your blog now with the "Starry Night" song in my head...

Judy said...

Margaret, you do a wonderful job of blogging. I hope you get to use your research and writing skills at the new job! Best of luck!

Margaret said...

Thanks, Judy and Willow!

M.Kate said...

Hi Margaret, congrats on the new job :D and thks for more wonderful information, happy weekend :D

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Have fun in your new job! I do enjoy your posts and this one was no exception!

Sheramy said...

Hi Margaret--
Thank you for the kind words about my post and my blog!!

And...Good Super Luck with the new job!

Margaret said...

Thanks, Sheramy! I'm afraid that my blog has been suffering lately, but hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon!