Friday, November 12, 2010

Henri Matisse: A Celebration of Light and Line at the Art Gallery of Alberta

From now until February 13, 2011, the Art Gallery of Alberta will be featuring an exhibit of the works of Henri Matisse. The exhibit contains over 170 of Matisse's works, with a special emphasis on his work in printmaking. The exhibit combines works from the collection of The Baltimore Museum of Art with others from Matisse as Printmaker: Works from the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation, a traveling exhibition created by the American Federation of Arts and the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation. Many of the pieces from the Baltimore Museum of Art are recent gifts to the museum, and this will be the first time that they have been available to the public.

I'm extremely excited to see this exhibit - I can't wait to take my daughter! It's been so interesting to see what art she responds to the most. Sculpture and colorful paintings definitely seem to thrill her the most so far (she was in love with the ballet dancers from the Degas exhibit we went to earlier this year - and she was just a few months old!).   Oh, and of course she loved the AGA's "Art of Warner Bros." exhibit! Matisse's works is so colorful that I'm pretty confident it will catch her eye (now that she's a little bigger, the challenge will be getting her close enough to see, but not too close!!).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to put up any photos of Matisse's work due to copyright restrictions (Matisse died in 1954 - so it has been a little less than 70 years since his death. As a result, there are some copyright issues since his works are not in the public domain). So, to see a few samples of works that will be included in the exhibit, visit the Art Gallery of Alberta's website for the exhibit: Henri Matisse: A Celebration of Light and Line.


Hels said...

Isn't it fantastic to see children look at art for the first time? Then again and again!

I took some art to a local kindergarten here and the paintings that fascinated their 4 year old minds were imaginative images of animals playing musical instruments or playing snooker. They understood the artist was having a great big joke :)

Tracy said...

That is a VERY exciting exhibit! I would love to see some Matisse for real--never have before. Pity about the copy right restrictions... though that's just the way it is, huh? ;o) It is always amazing and interesting to see what children respond to in the way of art and color, what attract them. What does your daughter like so far?! I'm sorry not to have been around of late...I've been well off on & for a bit now, struggling a bit with a serious iron deficiency, and so have been online and around blogland a little less than usual. But one day at a time, and hopefully on the mend now. :o) Thank you so much for visiting. And HAPPY Weekend ((HUGS))

acornmoon said...

There is nothing more joyous than Matisse especially his "L'escargot" have I spelt that correctly?probably not!
As you know his eyesight was deteriorating so he made these enormous paper collage, you have to see it.

Margaret said...

@Hels - It must have been so much fun to see the kids looking art! They have such a fresh approach to everything.

@Tracy - No worries! I have been pretty off and on with my blog lately, too - it's really been a challenge to keep up with it when I'm so busy with other things. I was so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Get better soon, and I hope you have a good week!

@Acornmoon - I'm sure my daughter would love L'escargot - I had no idea the reason he made the collage was that his eyesight had deteriorated!