Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Ever since Victoria Magazine ceased publication in 2003, I think there'sbeen a real void in the media. If you were ever a reader of the magazine,you may agree that, although there are a number of magazines todaythat contain beautiful photography and discuss similar subjects (such as House Beautiful and Traditional Home), none of them really capture the inspirational (and much less overtly commercial) message that Victoria shared with its readers: it's alright to long for (and create!) a more romantic reality.

I'm completely new to the blogosphere, but I'm hoping that Earthly Paradise will give an opportunity to discuss and share how to create a beautiful life.

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Beowulf Shield said...

I couldn't agree more!There is a saddening lack of romance in magizines--even the bridal magizines are kind of brutally straight forward. There are some pastoral settings but they are used as gimmics for the most part. I'm with you! Where is the beauty?!