Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Art of Tasha Tudor

As I child, I loved thumbing through my mothers Tasha Tudor's books (I still do!). Next to Beatrix Potter, her illustrations were probably my favorites. I remember being particularly excited to see her being featured in Victoria magazine when I was in elementary school.

She's written many books for a more adult audience, but her children's books "One is One" and "A is for Annabelle" are two of my alltime favourites. What better way to learn the alphabet than with Tasha Tudor's charming illustrations! I recently ran across two websites that carry a wide variety of her work. Cellar Door Books is a Concord company that specializes in Tasha Tudor's work.

Tasha Tudor and Family is Tasha's family website. Quite a treat--especially for those who want to catch a glimpse of Tasha's corgis!(If you read her books you'll know what I mean! They are so cute!). Her garden is also gorgeous. Tasha Tudor leads such a relaxing looking life. It's really inspirational to see a woman in her 90s living at home and continuing to create beautiful things--whether works of art or homemade pies!

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