Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci's Fingerprint Discovered on Painting

Last year I did a post about a debate raging over whether or not the painting The Marriage Portrait of a Young Woman (pictured above) was an original Leonardo da Vinci.

One year later and the controversy is far from over. The battle is still raging among art experts over whether or not the painting is actually by da Vinci.

Most recently, a lab in Paris has discovered a fingerprint in the upper left hand corner that appears to belong to Leonardo da Vinci(it kind of surprises me that they are not able to tell definitively if the fingerprint matches - especially with all that pricey forensic equipment). Originally, Christie's auction house had valued the painting at under $20,000.00, but of course that was before the painting had been subjected to more detailed investigation.

Further investigation into the painting are ongoing, but this must be great news for Canadian art collector Peter Silverman. Silverman purchased the work for around $21,850 in 2007. If the painting does turn out to be a da Vinci, it will most likely be worth tens of millions of dollars. Not a bad investment!

The BBC has a video of the latest news about the painting, which can be viewed on the BBC News website.


willow said...

Oh, I find this incredibly fascinating. A kind of art forensics! You must keep us posted.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I read about this this morning. And if find it incredibly exciting.

The Nightwatchman said...

A little out of time, but this link to Parham House and their amazing painting of Prince Henry (elder brother of Charles 1).

I came across this painting in 1986, when it had been cleaned from a typical Van Dyck paintng to the one you see on this link. I have a before and after scanned photo - it is on my FB (so I don't know if the link will work)

When they were restoring the painting, the restorers knew there was something there, but not what. They had to make the decision whether it would destroy both paintings. As you can see it was worth the gamble.

For those in the UK, this house is a really must see. And if you are visiting from overseas, it worth a detour to see the house and collection.

Unfortunately, it is at the other of South Downs from Kipling's Batemans, but you are close to Arundel and Chichester - Pallant House and the cathedral.

Apologises for the long post and the links (if they don't work).

And finally, a lot of Tudor & Stuart portraits are small between A3/A2 paper sizes. This one ain't I'm 6ft 3" and I get lost in. It is MASSIVE.

M.Kate said...

WOW!! Fingerprint? that's so cool :P Happy weekend Margaret ..

Tracy said...

I read about this in the is tremendously amazing and exciting! Let us know what unfolds next... How are you doing? Any day now for little one... ;o) Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I doubt it is an original Leonardo's drawing. It has been sold on the art market as a XIXcentury fake. Now the current owner (who is an art dealer) wants to push its autography.....seems suspicious to me.

The Nightwatchman said...

Another Leonard?