Thursday, October 1, 2009

Victoria and Albert Museum's William Morris Print Book

The Victoria and Albert Museum has announced publication of a new William Morris Pattern Book. The book will come with a CD of the pattern images, so that designers can be free to research and modify the designs as they choose.

The collection was put together by Linda Parry, whom many William Morris buffs will immediately recognize as the author of some of the best books on Morris' design work. Parry served as curator of the V&A's 1995 William Morris exhibit, and is one of the world's foremost experts on Morris. Parry also worked as deputy keeper of the Furniture, Textiles and Fashion Department at the V&A for many years.

I just ordered my copy and I can't wait for it to arrive! I'm really curious to see what I can do with the CD--I'm thinking it will be perfect for adapting some of the designs to needlework, etc.

This title is available through The Earthly Paradise Bookstore.


willow said...

Thanks for the heads up, Margaret. This looks fabulous!

Hels said...

Did William Morris ever patent his original designs? Did his family ever benefit financially from his genius? I am actually thinking of Charles Rennie Mackintosh who died in poverty :( but Morris may have been in the same situation.

Thorsprincess said...

Oh, Margaret,

I'm drooling already.


jasmoon-butterfly said...

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Margaret said...

Hels, that is a great question! As far as I can tell, William Morris' prints are not under any copyright. This would make sense since a variety of companies use his work to create textiles, etc. Sanderson and Liberty both produce William Morris fabrics, and I believe their adaptation of his designs would be under copyright, but so far as I know, there is no copyright holder for Morris' original work (which would explain why the Victoria and Albert Museum is actually promoting the CD that accompanies this book as a tool for designers so that they can adapt Morris' work, which would otherwise be illegal).

If anyone else has any more information on this, I'd love to know!

Gillian L. said...

I saw a William Morris book at a second hand bookstore the other day and so enjoyed looking through it! I love the idea of the patterns being in CD format as I enjoy designing layouts in Publisher and am exploring educational options that might allow me to further this interest. Thanks for sharing this information.


Tracy said...

This is terrific... and I love the idea of the CD! :o)

Fete et Fleur said...

This will be invaluable to textile designers who love Morris. To be able to see the designs and then modify them a bit to create something that is Morris and yet uniquely yours as well is a fabulous idea!

Thanks for sharing this!