Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beth Russell Needlepoint

Well, I've been so busy lately it seems I haven't had much of a chance to blog at all!

The Christmas season is here and I'm enjoying dragging all my Christmas music out and playing it 24/7. I had a full day of decorating the house last week and now feel there's enough holiday cheer to brighten up the cold winter days! Winter weather always makes me want to engage in some sort of cozy hobby. I've decided to buy a needlepoint kit.

If you aren't familiar with Beth Russell's needlework kits, be sure to visit her website http://www.bethrussellneedlepoint.com/. Her artwork is amazing and she has fabulous reproductions of William Morris designs that you can create in your own home! My mom has done several of them (the Compton Cushion and Strawberry Thief) and they look just fabulous. The quality of the wool is incredible, as is the canvas. She sells pattern books as well, but unless you are incredibly patient and have the spare time to search heaven and earth for all the supplies you'll need, the kits are the way to go.

I'm currently trying to decide what kit to purchase. The husband is quite fond of the Sunflower pattern (pictured).

In other news, I'm thoroughly enjoying the return of Victoria magazine, though I'm a bit concerned that it's altogether too Southern in feel.

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