Friday, December 7, 2007

Fountain Pens for Romantic Writing

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There is nothing like an amazing fountain pen to get you in the mood for some serious writing.

Fountain pens are incredibly romantic, particularly when used with a good ink well. How can you possibly keep a good journal without a decent writing instrument? How could any proper Victorian lady write with a ballpoint pen?

Everyone has their favourites. Personally, I prefer Waterman, but there are many amazing brands out there. Just make sure that the nib is of good quality. A poor nib can destroy your pen experience and discourage you very quickly.

I ran across a great website for detailed information on how to choose a pen Check it out! The author has obviously devoted a lot of time to researching writing instruments.

A fine fountain pen is incredibly luxurious. It makes sublime what might otherwise seem a rather mundane activity. It forces you to slow down, to refill your pen and to truly contemplate your work. As a fine home cooked meal is to MacDonalds, so a fountain pen to ballpoint one. There really is no comparison.


Glenn said...

I agree, A fine fountain pen is an exquisite writing instrument. Puts the joy back into writing, adds an element of pride and joy which is just great!

Iolanda said...

I love the way you describe the benefits of using a fountain pen. I couldn't describe it better!

Clay said...

It's so easy to love a fountain pen, isn't it?

rka said...


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