Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lady of London Tea

My husband and I went for a walk this afternoon and stopped to have a cup of tea. There's nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold day!
I got hooked on tea when I was about eight years old, when my mother started taking me to visit the tearoom on Saturday afternoon after ballet class. We would sit in there and order high tea after chatting politely with the owner. I still remember that my favourite tea was "Lady of London." The name of the tea alone sounded so romantic to me that I couldn't wait to order it. I would sit up very straight and ask Mrs. Stevie (a charming elderly british womnan who worked at the tea room on Saturdays) in my very best British accent if we might please have some "Lady of London." I was convinced that I always said it best after I'd already had some tea.

That experience alone probably condemned me to a lifelong appreciation for all things British. One thing's for certain, it certainly engrained in me a deep love of tea.

Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure what tea "Lady of London" was. I think perhaps it was Lady Grey, from Twinings of London. I can't be entirely sure.

I love Twinings tea, of course. For some time I've been quite the tea snob, so I prefer the loose leaves to bags. If you make them in a french press, they're better for the environment! Harney and Sons is an amazing company out of the states that carries one of the widest varieties (if not the widest variety) of loose leaf teas on the planet. If you get the chance, try their apricot black tea--it's to die for!

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