Friday, May 9, 2008

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Well, I'm flying to Paris today! It's going to be a long flight, so I'll have plenty of time to brush up on my French! I've really been looking forward to this trip and I can hardly wait to see Paris.

The last time I saw Paris was the Summer of 2006. I'd just finished my first year at the University of Alberta and I was engaged. I was so excited to see Paris for the first time (but I was a little scared too! What if I didn't like Paris? What if the people were rude, like you always here? I fell in love with the city the minute I walked out of the Metro and saw the city for the first time. This picture captures that moment. Except I can't remember what this fountain is called. Does anyone know? Please, please leave a comment and remind me, all you francophiles.

I often tell people that Paris is like Disneyland for grownups. At least for grownups who love beautiful things. In the core of the city, everything is breathtakingly gorgeous. I could write a sonnet about every bridge! (There's an idea). And the people are charming. I think the myth that Parisians are rude was created by people who love Paris just to keep the city from becoming overcrowded with tourists. I don't think it has worked, but imagine how busy the city would be if everyone knew how nice the people actually are?

When I get to Paris, the first thing I will do (after taking a shower--I will have been traveling for 24 hours!) is have a lovely Parisian breakfast. Perhaps a Pain au Chocolat with cafe au lait. Then I'm off to the Cluny Museum to look at their collection of Medieval art (something I didn't get to do last time).

I will be doing my best to post while I'm in France. I have some posts scheduled just in case I'm too busy having a good time to get to chain myself to a computer. In any event, I will be keeping a diary and taking dozens of photos, so I'll definitely post a daily account of my trip when I get back!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


Fete et Fleur said...

How Wonderful! Wishing you a beautiful trip!!

xx Nancy

Margaret said...

Thanks Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Probablement la Fontaine Saint Michel, en bas du Boulevard Saint Michel, dans le Quartier Latin