Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trip to Paris

Well, I got back from Paris really last night and I've been resting most of the day! I had such a spectacular trip and took tons of photos...There's definitely plenty to blog about!

I meant to write more during my last days in Paris, but it was pretty difficult. My mom and I were so busy the last few days just flew by. Now that I'm back, I plan to get back to my regular posting.

In other news, I had my blog spammed while I was gone and I have tons of work to do to clean it up (I'm almost finished, but like I said, it's a pain). As a result, I think I'm going to have to implement comment moderation, or at the very least add word verification. I hate to do it, because I personally find word verification a pain (I'm not so great at differentiating between letters and numbers!) and I like being able to see my comments on a blog immeadiately. Nevertheless, now I completely understand why everyone uses these tools. It can take hours to undo what a spammer can do in 10 minutes. I'm sure many have of you have had your own unfortunate experiences with these people...anyway, thankfully it wasn't any worse, and I guess I've learned my lesson.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


alice c said...

Welcome back! I am really looking forward to seeing all the photos and getting tips on new places to stay.

Such bad luck about the SPAM. It happened to me early on which is why I have had word verification - which I don't like but prefer to moderation.

M.KATE said...

Welcome back!! and I am sure we'll get to peek into all those wonderful shots..cant wait to see them :)

Word verification is critical...I had tons of spams too earlier on and accidentally opened some of them which nearly caused my laptop to crash, not to mentioned others could have opened it as well while reading the blog!

I hate word verification too, at times had to do more than ones bcos the i and j looks the same!

happy weekend anyway :)

Stephanie Pina said...

Ah, Paris.....

I am green with envy.

I'm so sorry about the spam....I've waded through a ton of it myself this week. Can't wait to see your photos...glad you arrived at home safe and sound!