Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Wonderful Host Family in Rennes

Mom with Monique and Pierre

The highlight of my trip to France was definitely the days we spent in Rennes with my mom's friends Monique and Pierre. They were spectacular hosts (Monique is the most amazing cook! I've been more inspired in the kitchen since visiting her!).

In addition to hosting students and friends from around the world in her lovely home, Monique is an artist, writer, and president of a foundation called l'Association des Enfants du Niger, which raises funds to help orphans in Niger. Her partner, Pierre, is a writer and professor of French Literature who has spent the last 30 years traveling to Nigeria each year to teach orphans. They were some of the most incredible people I've ever met, and staying with them really reminded me that people are always the best part of traveling to new places.

Me and Monique

Staying with Monique and Pierre was also a great opportunity to practice my french! I have never spoken so much [bad] french in my life before! It was a great opportunity though.

When we left, Monique presented me with a copy of her charming children's book, Pépère au Niger, which she wrote about her cat Pepper's first visit to Niger!

Finally, here's a picture of me getting to know Caroline, Monique's pet garden turtle (she had half a dozen pet turtles in the garden). I loved the turtles, especially Caroline. Who would have ever thought that a tortoise would have such a great personality! I think they are the perfect pets--they just eat things in the garden--you don't even have to feed them. Plus, according to Monique they stay in the yard. The only problem is that I think they'd probably freeze to death in Edmonton.


Tracy said...

How lovely you were able to stay with friends in France and enjoy some "everyday life" while there...And I'm sure they were glad you tried to speak French rather then resort to English ;o) So sweet with the turtles...six of them! Happy Days looking back on your happy trip! And thanks for you mail on letting more the change of addy for you blog! ((HUGS))

Heatheronhertravels said...

Hi Margaret

Your post was featured on the Carnival of Europe.

Please could you post some sort of link-back to direct your readers to the Carnival.

Best wishes

M.KATE said...

Margaret, seems like you've had a gala time you make me want to visit France :)

Ali said...

I am green with envy. I happened across your blog while searching for art and Rennes. I was an exchange student there many years ago and just had the best time. It was so laid back.

I wonder how well my French would hold up these days!

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