Monday, July 7, 2008

Back from Colombia!

My visit to Colombia was such an amazing experience. I was so impressed by the kindness of the people we met while we were there! The fruit was probably the other thing that really wowed me--they have so many different varieties and they are all so delicious and so different!

Javier and I left Colombia on July 4th! Afterwards we spent a couple of lovely days in Miami (my first time in that city). Right now I'm staying with my mom for a few days before heading home to Canada. Washington is so beautiful right now--the weather is amazing (at least for today!).

The photo of the Colombian flag was taken by my husband at the Castillo de San Felipe in Cartagena. I'll tell you more about our visit there later this week!


Stephanie Pina said...

The photo your husband took of the flag is stunning!

Margaret said...

Thanks, Stephanie! I'll be sure to pass that on!