Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First Completed Needlepoint Project

If some of you were wondering why I don't post pictures of my needlework, hopefully this answers your questions! The incredibly talented Paula, over at The Beauty of Life asked me to post a picture of my first project, so I decided to swallow my pride and go ahead.

I started this little project a long time ago (if the colours look weird it's because most of them got lost somewhere along the way). I finally decided to go ahead and turn it into a pin cushion on Sunday. I managed to figure out how to sew the pillow based on some instructions found on the internet. I cut the backing from an old pillow that was falling apart but was made of pretty good fabric (I even recycled the stuffing!). So at least it's pretty green. It may not be that attractive, but I suppose that's alright for a pin cushion. Hopefully my next effort will turn out better!


zandria said...

How pretty! I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I'll say it anyway: "I wouldn't have the patience!" :)

Anonymous said...

This is lovely - tsk tsk - false modesty on your part methinks! having said that, i think 'incredibly talented' may be overstating my skills *slightly* - but thanks anyway!
Regardless of skill level I think it is good for beginners to post their work (wait til you see my first 'journal' quilt in a few days) -because so much of what we see on the net seems so far above what you think you can achieve that it can become disheartening. Anyway I think this is both Beautiful and Useful (and green - you've got it all!) - WM would've be proud to display it!

Tracy said...

Oh, but it's so lovely--truly it is! I love the vibrant colors. Do you have your next project lined up? Glad you shared this with us! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Fete et Fleur said...

This is lovely! The colors are so vibrant and the flowers beautiful.

Thank you for showing us!

P.S. My husband is going to love seeing your comment. He's having fun writing this one.

Balwearie said...

Very elegant -- and a great job on your first project....and hey, you finished it! Good luck with your next project.