Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seven Things

I've been tagged! Bebe over at Peaches and Dreams has asked me to reveal seven things about myself.

1. My favourite flowers are orchids. I know...being a big earth-friendly artsy-craftsy person I should name some kind of non-hot house flower, but I just adore orchids and have since I was a kid. They are my favourite houseplants--so beautiful and the flowers last forever!
2. The only food that I really detest is Salmon. It's a sacrilege--I come from the Pacific Northwest and I won't eat one of our most celebrated foods!
3. I have a deeply engrained hatred for painted wood. It drives my batty! When I was a kid my mom painted all of the wood furniture in our house white (or blue!). It made me cry (*edit* my mom would like everyone to know that she only painted furniture white as a last resort). It's funny, too, because I actully love the look of shabby chic, just not the painted furniture part (I suppose it's okay when the wood is really, really cheap or in bad shape, but otherwise I can't stand it!).
4. I am addicted to U.S. politics. I try not to talk about the news because I am so passionate about it (I never argue with people unless I know them really well--or not at all--). My husband makes fun of me--he can tell when I've been watching CNN because I'm in such a mood afterwards!
5. I also love watching the stock market. It started when I was a kid and my Grandfather would sit with me and try to explain stock splits and dividends. If I had more money I would play on the market all day! (I should probably steer clear of gambling).
6. Although I've never played a sport, I absolutely love watching the beautiful game--soccer (or football, as it's properly called in Great Britain and most of the rest of the world). I've tried to become a hockey fan but it's just not in me.
7. I have reduced my coffee consumption to a sensible single cup a day, but in college I drank about 16 shots of espresso a day. Yikes!

And there you have it! Now it's my turn to tag 7 friends.

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zandria said...

I shall do the post tomorrow!

(How can you hate salmon? Yuuumm...)

(16 shots of espresso a day? Wow!)

Anonymous said...

Don't like Salmon or Hockey - are you living in the right place?? I hate painted wood too. I'll do my list soon - cheers Paula

vie chaotique said...

I found you because of Bebe's tagging mischief. Glad I did.

Tracy said...

Such fun reading your list! I love orchids too, orchids and roses. No salmon? I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone actually hating salomn! I admit a love for painted wood. You'd not like my house--white and cream painted wood everywhere ;o) US politics...don't get me started, for I feel as you do, and I'm from the US orginially--LOL!--I just makes me crazy. The stock market baffles me though. 16 espresso shots--wow! I love espresso, but just one ;o) Thanks for passing the Seven Things torch along to me. I just did this one shortly before Christmas, so I'll have to give this a think and see if I can come up with 7 more things...Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))