Sunday, January 6, 2008

William Morris Online Edition

The William Morris Society has just announced that the creation of a free "text-searchable scholarly edition" of William Morris' works! Check out The Life and Death of Jason (edited by Prof. Florence Boos) which is already available on the new William Morris Online Edition website, along with many other works expected to become available early this year. Images from the Kelmscott Press editions of his works are also included where possible (the Sir Edward Burne-Jones drawings from The Life and Death of Jason are breathtaking!). These are some of the best quality images from Kelmscott that I've seen online!

This is a very exciting announcement for fans of William Morris' art and writing.


Tracy said...

Thank you for the news! This sounds wonderful and exciting--I'm off to check it out. Love W. Morris. Happy week ((HUGS))

Bebe said...

Thanks for the link, Meggie! You always find the most fascinating things!

Bebe :)