Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sur la Lune Fairy Tales

I ran across the most amazing site today! Sur la Lune Fairy tales has a collection of 47 original fairy tales with critical commentary and over 1500 illustrations

While the Disney versions of fairy tales have their own charms, their saccharine sweetness can sometimes cause us to forget the power of the original tales. Whether you have never had a chance to read the originals, or you simply wish to reacquaint yourself, this is a great site to visit!

I've collected fairy tales since I was a young girl and my mother began collecting them before she had children. I've inherited much of her collection and have been adding to it myself for years! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my mother reading me stories such as Snow White (the original, fluff-free version, of course!). I dream of being able to one day read fairy stories to my own children. Since I love collecting books, I was pleased to see that the Sur la Lune website also includes reviews of new fairy tale books (sometimes it's hard to keep up to date with new books coming out).

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