Monday, February 25, 2008

Trip to Banff and Lake Louise

We had a great time in Banff! The weather was amazing this week--it was quite warm and we had a wonderful weekend in the Mountains.

In the car on the way to Banff, Javier surprised me with the idea of snowboarding lessons (I'd been prepared for skiing lessons). We both decided it would be a good idea, since most of our friends snowboard. The drive to Banff was beautiful--I miss seeing the mountains so much sometimes! I would love to live in the Rockies, but property there is getting incredibly expensive. The average home in Canmore, a small town a few minutes from Banff that has traditionally had lower housing prices, is now $850,000! Living a rustic lifestyle is not as affordable as it sounds, unfortunately.

We arrived in Banff early Friday afternoon and after settling into our hotel, we spent the evening in the town of Banff and had a great dinner at St. James' Gate Pub (we liked it so well we ate there again on Saturday!).

After an early breakfast on Saturday, we had a full day of lessons at Lake Louise.
It was absolutely beautiful--every time I fell down I had a great view of the mountains! I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it that much, but I loved it! (especially after seeing all the cute gear they have for girls now--when I was a kid in Seattle only guys really snowboarded, and there was basically no equipment for girls).

Snowboarding was a bit difficult for me to pick up, since I've done more skiing and it's really different. Plus, I fell a lot! I am in agony today (I think I bruised pretty much every square inch of my body), but I can't wait to go back. My husband is amazing--because he plays soccer and works out seriously, he's right as rain--it's incredible. I still can't believe he's not in pain. I'm just hoping that I will have recovered enough by next weekend that I'll be able to try again!

From the poll results, it looks like Medieval influences on the Pre-Raphaelites have won out, so I will begin posting on that topic tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun. I cant even imagine the words warm and snowboarding in the same sentence -unless it was 'all my friends went snowboarding and I stayed inside by the fire where it was warm' hope the bruises heal soon. i hope you end up doing all the ideas in your posts - i was the 20% who said a&C around the home -but really i could have voted happily for all of them.

Bebe said...

Hi Meggie,

Your trip to Lake Louise looked like so much fun ~ except for all those bruises!! I enjoyed seeing all the snow!

I can't imagine what it would be like to go play in that much snow ~ I've lived in South Georgia practically my whole life and only had snow here once (of course, it melted in about 5 minutes). I'll send up some tropical warmth your way, so maybe you'll have an early Spring! :)

I'm sad to say that my Spode plate set did sell the day after I got your email. I couldn't believe it!! I wasn't sure if you still wanted them. I answered your email, but I thought maybe you had changed your mind. I have a couple other Spode plates I listed; they are singles in the Blue Willow pattern. Let me know if you are interested in those ~ I could hold them for you!!! :)

Take care of those bruises ~ I think a hot bath and perhaps some bath salts might be the order of the day!!

Lots of Hugs,
Bebe :)

Tracy said...

Soooo lovely to see you & your hubby! Your weekend looks and sounded such fun--and what a beautiful place! Snowboarding--you brave thing. (I'm sure I'd fall on my butt if I tried...I'll stick to my yoga ;o) Hope you are "recovering" nicely though. Sorry I missed the poll...I'm excited to see what your next posts will be! Happy week, my friend (((HUGS))

Vivian said...

It was great seeing your photos. I did ski ... in a past life ... I'll leave the snowboarding to you!